Conservation, production, publishing, innovation: the many sides of a single mission.


Maurits srl owns one of the most important collections of works by the Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher. Currently, the collection holds 700 pieces that include not only the artist’s masterpieces, but also works by other artists, whether his forerunners, his contemporaries, or artists of today who were and are influenced by his work. The collection also includes objects, both artistic and for everyday use, inspired by the universe he created. Eschermania, writ large!


The CEO of the company is Federico Giudiceandrea, who is not only a great connoisseur of Escher’s art; he also curates and organizes exhibitions all over the world. Maurits’ main goal is to promote the works and genius of this extraordinary artist and make them known to a broader public.


Since 2003, working alongside the M.C. Escher Foundation and Arthemisia, a Rome-based company, Maurits has co-produced internationally relevant exhibitions with a growing number of visitors all over the world. 


For every show, Maurits edits the catalogue of the works being shown and includes essays from curators; these catalogues are then sold in the bookshops of the show venue. 


Besides organizing art and culture events, Maurits provides technical know-how for the planning and set-up of interactive installations with multimedia stations and animations, thus providing the public with fun, hands-on ways to enjoy Escher’s work. The content is carefully developed; the installations are chosen in coordination with the M.C. Escher Foundation, so as to respect both the artist’s work and his creative spirit.


And last but certainly not least, Maurits supports the art world in general and Escher’s world in particular, by loaning works from its collection for wide-reaching cultural initiatives organized by public and private institutions.